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Precision Planting/Seeding Solutions

Acra-Plant specializes in No-Till & Min-Till planting and drilling equipment, fertilizer application tools, and chisel plow tools. The current awareness and emphasis on No-Till and Min-Till agricultural practices emphasizes our full line of Acra-Plant Precision Planting/Seeding Solutions:

ADU Acra Drill Unit

No-Till drill or planter opener replacement

Retrofit seeding unit for your existing drill

Acra-Plant Retrofit Discs

No/Min-Till planter opener enhancement

Planter Enhancements- Retrofit discs and inserts


Zone and Residue Management

A fully integrated planting system to work with your present planter

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The Six Most Important

Characteristics of a Proper Crop Stand; that Acra-Plant V-Slice Technology will help you achieve:

  1. Fast Germination
  2. Uniform and Fast Emergence
  3. Early Root Development
  4. Uniform Plant Spacing in the Row
  5. Proper Plant Population
  6. Correct Leaf Position

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